+500% Growth in traffic and revenue - Amazon Affiliate site (Case Study)

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How we helped one of our clients increase its website traffic from 600 organic monthly visitors to 7500 and his revenue (from $150 per month to $1000 per month).

This simple content-based niche website is in Amazon affiliate niche and easily making $1000+/month each month passively and its growing like crazy, within few months this site will cross it’s 5 figure per month target completely passively.

A little backstory:

When this client reached out to us back in April, he was wasting a lot of money/resources into content that was not working for him so he decided to fire his old agency and try us, maybe he heard some good things about us from word of mouth.

He was getting approximately 600 organic traffic and almost no conversion from his site.

We deleted all mirage/useless/ low-quality content that was bringing almost no traffic, we also put that site in the Ahrefs content explorer tool and did some digging and found out which old content that is bringing some good traffic can be polished/update again so it can bring more SEO value.

Our maximum amount of effort was put into keyword research, we tried our best to dig really deeper to get some really low hanging fruits long tail keywords since this site had the negligible authority and now the UR and DR are 29 and 22 respectively, pretty impressive growth within few months.

We created Skyscraper content for long tail keywords, here is the thing if your content is awful no type of SEO effort can help you rank well so

A) we made sure we are creating content that people are searching for, we used Ahrefs (IMHO Best in the market)

B) Really really awesome content with great visuals that get backlinks on auto mode

SEO is not a sprint it’s Marathon so it takes time to see your efforts bear fruit, so don’t get impatient if you don’t see immediate results.

We also did manual backlink outreach for our client and we got more than 60 backlinks within 3 months of time and that’s pretty impressive if you ever did outreach it’s very hard to get backlinks although we paid for some guests posts too that we saw of highly relevant and high-quality websites but most of this success was because we did the due diligence right.

Still got any questions? Just contact me and I’ll be happy to help. 🙂

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