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Unfortunately, other Blogger Outreach Services providers and buyers commonly focus on purchasing links from a high DA/DR website. Growth Builders doesn’t run behind high DA websites, we believe in website relevancy and high organic traffic. We have done some researches and finally ended up in this conclusion of prioritizing traffic and relevancy. 

In the current scenario, nothing can be trusted, and the fact is that DA/DR can easily be manipulated. My team prepares a background study and come up with analytics regarding the relevancy of a website. For example, when we are building links for a health-related website, our team will run a thorough ground check and come up with the most relevant sites from the same niche. If we are going for DA ratings, then we might end up in some music produce or travel blog which is completely irrelevant. 

We manually find opportunities for each client, we don’t have any kind of spreadsheet of sites. Here’s what eliminates a site as an opportunity, evidence of a penalty from Google, being used as a PBN, poor traffic, too many posts with links out to low quality sites or random sites and low quality content.

For us, relevance is the most important criteria. So we particularly avoid all irrelevant blogs that might be good on DA rating. This doesn’t mean that we are preferring sites with 0 DA rating. We do check for DA as well as DR ratings but our first priority is relevance. We shortlist our blogs and websites based on relevance and makes up a chart based on DA rating. When Relevance and DA are put together it guarantees the maximum outreach to the content. We always use websites with +15 DA rating. We always follow these strict guidelines and procedures to ensure the best in class output for our clients.

Our link building service is designed to help you convert more visitors. It’s carefully designed to be as effective as possible and to offer the highest ROI possible. To begin, we perform a variety of audits to learn more about where your website is at right now and what needs to be done to boost your ranking on search engines.

Link building has the potential for a huge return on the investment, with many clients seeing a 10-fold return on their investment over 6 to 12 months. Link building does not produce results overnight. We use the safest methods for our link building service, which means it’s going to take time for you to start seeing results. Expect to start seeing results after a few months.

How Our Services Work


We’ll Analyze Your Traffic, Keywords and Backlink Profile​

To start, we’ll ask for your Google Console access. This lets us take a look at your website to analyze the traffic you’re currently getting, your keywords, and your backlink profile. We’ll want to know where visitors are coming from as well as how they navigate around your site. It’s also important for us to see what your most popular content is as well as how long visitors are staying on your website.


We need to know which keywords are currently bringing you the most traffic as well as whether there are keywords you’re using now that have potential. These are the keywords that might be on page 2 of the search results, but that we can push to page 1. We are also going to look for keywords that don’t have a lot of competition that we can use to boost your rankings.

We offer a Link and Anchor Text Audit

Penalties from Google can lead to your site being banned from search engine results. You’ll want to avoid this at all cost, which means your links need to be safe. We use powerful tools to make sure your existing links and anchor text are in good shape. We look for any links that can cause a penalty or have already caused a penalty as these will need to be fixed immediately. We also evaluate the current strength of your website and spot any trends that might help us build more links for your website.

We Audit Competitors’ Backlinks

Your competitors are an important part of boosting your website. We’ll analyze their website to determine how difficult SEO might be for your industry and learn more about what we should do with our blogger outreach service to help boost your website’s ranking. Through a comprehensive audit of their backlinks, we’ll learn what makes their link building strategies successful and find out how much time might be needed to boost your website above the websites created by your competitors.

We’re Going to Audit Your Content

Finally, we’re going to audit the content you currently have on your website. One of the most reliable ways to get backlinks is going to be through high-quality content on your website. We’ll look at your content to analyze the amount of content you have, how likely it is another website will be willing to link to your content, and your willingness to invest in new content for your website. We’re going to look into who your content creator is as well to ensure you are working with someone who can create quality content for you. 

It’s important to continue to invest in new content for your website to ensure our link building service is successful. Make sure you have plenty of linkable content and that all of the content on your website is considered high-quality content. Short, generic articles simply aren’t going to get links. We’ll look into how your content is distributed right now to see what’s working and what’s not. We need to know exactly what you’re doing to start getting other websites to link to your content.


Quality links help boost your website’s ranking, enabling your website to be seen by more visitors. Once they’re on your website, you can use a variety of techniques to boost your conversion rates. The main idea is to start by simply getting more people to your website. Some of the strategies we’ll use to create more links to your website include the following.

Guest Posts

One of the services we offer is a guest posting service. This strategy will be useful if you have minimal content on your website right now. While you’ll want to create more high-quality content for your website, you can also create guest posts that others might place on their website with a link back to you. You’ll want to reach out to other websites in your industry. As part of our guest posting service, we’ll find high-quality sites for you to reach out to about creating a guest post for them.


Sometimes, there just aren’t a lot of opportunities for guest posts in your industry. When this happens, we might try sponsored posts as well. Like with our guest post service, you’ll be creating content to post on someone else’s website within your industry. However, with sponsored posts, you’ll pay them for the chance to post on their website. In return, they’ll list you as a sponsor. This can provide a significant advantage if your industry is competitive.


High-quality content on your website can be used to, basically, take links from other websites. If your content is better than the one a link currently goes to, it might be possible for you to convince the website owner to switch the link to your content instead of a competitor’s content. We’ll look for links that lead to content that’s similar to your content, then ask the website owner to switch the links to your content instead.

Use Guestographics

As another part of our guest posting service, we offer guestographics. This works basically the same way as guest posts. You’ll ask another website owner to let you post on their website and they’ll link back to your website. Instead of creating an article for their website, however, you’ll share an infographic.

Broken Links

Links appear and disappear. It’s part of the fluidity of the internet. As part of our link building service, we look for pages that no longer exist, but that have a lot of backlinks still. We’ll reach out to the website owners that link to the unavailable page and suggest your website to replace the broken link.

Resource Pages

Across the internet, there are tons of websites where the site owners collect links to resources about a topic they’re interested in. Your topic is likely covered by one of these resource pages. We’ll find resource pages that are relevant to your website and have links to your content added to those resource pages. This is an excellent way to get more links to your website.


Link roundups are similar to resource pages. They’re collections of links to content, but they tend to focus on content that was recently published. As part of our link building service, we share your links with these websites and encourage them to include your content in their posts. This can be done regularly to ensure new content you create is included in these link roundups.


The best links you can obtain are educational or governmental links. These are considered more important by Google and will help to rank your website higher. We recommend a scholarship campaign to accomplish this. While this does require an investment, you’ll create a real scholarship to give to university students. We’ll then reach out to universities and colleges in your industry to have them link to your scholarship page. This can help you gain a number of links from highly authoritative websites.

Other Tactics

The strategies above are not the only ones we’ll use, but they are some of the strategies that will have the biggest impact on your website. We can also use other strategies, such as competitor backlink research, manufacturer links, and Quora links to help gain more backlinks for your website.

Competitor Backlink Research: Competitor backlink research allows us to look through your competitors’ websites to find other backlink opportunities we can use for your website.
Manufacturer Links: Manufacturer links are a way of getting the manufacturers of the products you sell to link to your website. When someone is looking to purchase something made by that manufacturer, they’ll see your website and be able to purchase the product from you.
Quora Links: Quora is a website that allows people to answer questions that others may ask. Answering the right questions with the right answers can quickly drive quite a bit of traffic to your website. Plus, you’ll be able to add more links when you answer numerous questions relative to your industry on that website.


Who benefits from our service?

Who benefits from our service?


Whether you have an SEO-based business or are part of an SEO team if you don’t have to work on creating content for the links yourself you can shift your focus to growing your business, managing technicalities, and keeping an eye out for quality content.

Affiliate Marketers

We will get all the backlinks you need to expand your business for you while you can focus on the marketing part of your job.

SEO Agencies

Agencies have to handle a large number of tasks, and any help they can get is a Godsend. So we take the task of link building from them and send them a white-label report with all due credit for them regardless.

5 reasons why our service is different

We do not use PBN

We have no authority over the websites with your backlinks on them; all sites we provide you with a genuine and absolutely beneficial for you.

The link is Placed Within Body of Content

The backlink to your website will look like a natural extension of the article instead of a glaring biased upvote because we know how to merge the link naturally with the body of the content. We will never give you an author bio-based backlink.

Our Content is Written by Native Writers

Our writers all speak fluent, English and have impeccable spelling and grammar skills. So you can rest assured that the content will be above par.

White Label Report

None of this would mean anything if you weren’t getting any credit, so we give you a white label report which guarantees that you get the credit for our hard work. It’s a simple, mutualism-based relationship.

Real Results

Here are some examples of sites that have used our service to grow their organic traffic over time.

Most frequent questions and answers

Currently we are unable to offer refunds on our service because the process is extensive. Our company has fulfilled requests from hundreds of clients so far and they have shared the responses in our testimonial section.

 Purchasing link building services does offer a risk as it is currently against guidelines set out by google and a few other search engines. These backlinks come from verified websites so this is one of the safest options for growing your visitors. Unlike the competition that only offers link placement on hastily created sites, we are working to reach out to real site owners to write content and get only quality links.

We are unable to currently work with websites in pharmaceuticals, the adult niche or any gambling niche. If we deem a site to be illegal or unethical we redeem the right to refuse work. Feel free to message us if you are unsure if your niche may not be accepted for our services.

We traditionally produce articles around 700 words each. You can upgrade your articles to 1000 words or 1500 words if required. We highly recommend content at several lengths to produce a more authentic mark.

We are unable to currently offer certain types of anchor text including geo-targeted anchor text. Part of the reason for avoiding this type of anchor text is that it can leave a large footprint that can alert search engines.

The content that we produce will never be directly about your brand or service in a promotional way. We work to create content that will serve as an educational piece naturally linking through to your website as a resource and in a similar voice to your own. This ensures that we can attract your audience using similar writing but in a post that does not seem like a paid promotion.

Things to consider before placing an Order

If you are interested in using our Blogger Outreach Service for your projects, there are some ways that you can get set up and ready to get even more out of this service:
Target different pages on your website with the service:

Many of our customers commonly target their homepage only but you could diversify target pages to make sure that you can organically links through to other areas of your site. By making sure that your website content naturally connects through a series of on site links, you can create varied content for each page of your website that will keep people on page and viewing more of your content.

Use intelligent anchor texts:

Search engines are getting smarter and as a result algorithms are capable of understanding what’s on a page with or without anchor text to help them. Choosing your keywords wisely and managing in frequent and keyword rich anchors can be important to success.

Try different word counts:

Having a set format for your backlinks makes them seem like paid posts. Default post will be 700 words but it can be an excellent strategy to vary the lengths of these posts ordering one 1500 word or one 1000 word article for every three 500 word posts that you get.

Order backlinks on different days:

If you’re ordering the service every month at the same time it can begin to look slightly suspicious with the nature of the backlinks that are being created. Choosing to vary your order with some randomness can help to improve your results.

Remember that it will take time:

It takes time to see results from backlinks and it also takes longer for your links to start building up on search engine results. Google often take some extra time verifying its results before it lists them in a search engine. Just because your links may take a little bit longer to see, it doesn’t mean that they won’t rank very soon!

What people say

Our SEO management rocks, but you shouldn’t take our word for it. Check out some of our client reviews below