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Here’s what my clients have to say:

No Surprises. No low-quality links. No bullshit. We’re 100% Transparent.

Growth Builders is the only agency that has ever met my standards for transparency, communication, thoughtfulness, and a focus on quality. I love their process, and definitely recommend them after the campaigns that I’ve run with them.
Nathan ShivarShivarWeb
Nathan Shivar
It was a pleasure to work with Mohammad Abid. His team has helped us improve brand awareness through a well-executed outreach campaign. Hard work, effective communication, and dedicated is what assusred us of continuing this working relationship (as well as other challenging projects in the future).
Jerry LowWebRevenue.io
Jerry Low
Mohammad is great in disseminating research findings and news stories. If you have interesting content or research findings that you want to share with the world, Momammad can help you get featured on quality news sources.
David JanssenVPNOverview
David Janssen

About Me

Hey, my name is Mohammad Abid, and I’m the founder of Growth Builders, a white-hat and 100% Transparent Link Building Company. Oh, and I really mean it when I say 100% transparent – you will find why we are 100% transparent link building company below.

I won’t claim to be an SEO expert or an all-knowing Guru, but I do know what I’m great at – and that’s Link Building!

From Micro Niche Affiliate sites to huge authority sites and SaaS companies, I’ve worked with every kind of business, and I’m proud of the results they achieved from my link building services.


Why Choose Us?

So what makes our agency different from all the other link building companies out there?

The answer is simple – just like we are picky about our clients, we know you’re also picky about your link building agency, and the sites your links will be on. This is we try to make our service as transparent as possible.

Here’s an overview of how it works (details later):

  • We create a custom link building campaign for you.
  • Once we get approval for a link on a site, we show you those sites.
  • You approve sites where you’d like to have your link build.
  • We engage our team of in-house writers, who come up with high-quality articles.
  • We show you the articles so that you can approve the quality and the anchor texts as well as the supporting links to authority sites.
  • We then go ahead and build the link.

Nathan Shivar Endorses Growth Builders

Competitive Pricing

Don’t you really hate it when a link building service provider charges an extra amount of money if you ask them to build a link on a DR30+ or DR50+ site?

Not in our case. At Growth Builders, our pricing is fixed for any link, and we don’t care if the DR is 30+ or 80+. We charge the same amount of money from our clients.

To cite a case in point, let’s compare Growth Builder’s pricing with one of the so-called “premium Link building” service providers like The HOTH.

Let’s use a recent campaign for one of my clients, Matt Ahlgren. We will breakdown the metrics of the sites we acquired links from for Matt, and then we will compare it with if Matt bought these links from The Hoth. We’ll see how much Mark would have pay to “The Hoth” if he bought these links from them.

Below are the sites where we got backlinks for Matt.

  • Site 1: DR – 70
  • Site 2: DR – 61
  • Site 3: DR – 49
  • Site 4: DR – 81
  • Site 5: DR – 79
  • Site 6: DR – 88
  • Site 7: DR – 83
  • Site 8: DR – 72
  • Site 9: DR – 67
  • Site 10: DR – 87

(For this campaign, Matt’s special instructions were to only reach out to sites with min DR50)

Now, let’s see how much Matt would have paid to get these links from The Hoth.

The Hoth Pricing: $500 for each link from a site with DA50+

This means that Matt would have ended up paying them $500 x 10 = $5,000

But in our case, he only paid: $225 x 10 = $2,250

Pricing is therefore one of the biggest differences between Growth Builders and other link building service providers, besides transparency.

Take a look at some of the recent campaigns we delivered

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Web Hosting Niche

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Traveling Niche
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Our Link Building Process

When link building was starting, unscrupulous webmasters would use “link farms” to get links in a fast and easy way. However, Google stiffened its measures against such practices, and those who are caught end up being penalized.

This means that those tactics don’t work anymore, and therefore your link building campaign should focus on quality. If you manage to get good quality links, not only will your domain authority grow, but you will also get more traffic and increase your sales. This is why our link building process focuses on link authority and transparency.

Here’s how it actually works:

Step #1: Planning the Campaign

At Growth Builders, we understand that every client has different needs, with a particular set of goals. Therefore, to help you get the best out of your link building campaign, we analyze your website and come up with a method that can best leverage the content you have. This is meant to help create a custom campaign that will help you gain the most out of the link building process.

Step 2: Building the Campaign Strategy

Once we understand your needs, we then agree on a strategy that we are going to use.

We mostly use these link building opportunities:

  1. Guest Posting
  2. Guestographics
  3. Spy on Competitor’s Backlinks to Steal
  4. The Shotgun Skyscraper Approach

Competitor’s Link building is one of my favorite link building techniques. The technique generally involves understanding how and where your competitors acquire their backlinks, and we then use the data to build relationships with people who are relevant to your business. Although it involves a lot of work, the technique has proven quite successful with previous clients as it basically tells your competitors that “what you can do, we can do better!”

Apart from that, the overall link building strategy will align with the keywords and pages you want to rank higher for.

Here’s How the Spreadsheet looks like:

Step 3: Getting Site Suggestions for Approval

Once we agree on a strategy, we then go ahead and start creating a list of prospects that we will be outreaching. However, since we focus on link authority, we are quite picky about where we get your links from.

We usually make sure that each link you will get comes from a blog that receives at least 2,000+ organic traffic per month (measured on Ahrefs), relevant to your niche, and has at least 100 referring domains (based on Ahrefs) or min DR 30+.

Apart from that, we do not outreach sites with:

  • Suspicious link profiles
  • Too many posts with link outs to low-quality/ gambling/ adult sites
  • Low-quality content
  • Poor traffic
  • Evidence of being used as a PBN
  • Evidence of a penalty from Google
  • Evidence of being used as a guest posting farm.

All these are meant for site quality assurance and ensuring a successful link building campaign for our clients.

After getting an opportunity on any site, I’ll then send you those sites for approval. If you reject any site, we won’t ask any questions. Instead, we will move forward and look for more link building opportunities. This is what makes us different from other link building agencies!

To ensure we get you the highest quality links, we’ve invested in our relationships with webmasters and bloggers since day one. This means that we can call upon the best for your links, while at the same considering the industry relevance.

Step 4: Building your Links

After everything is sorted, we then engage our in-house team of expert writers, who then come up with high-quality articles for guest posting. The articles are created in such a way that they are captivating, informative, and they’ll naturally link to your brand.

This means that apart from getting a link from an authority and well-respected site, the link will also be on a web page that is contextually relevant to your industry. Such is important as search engines are able to associate topics and ideas to linked websites based on content. Apart from that, you will also benefit from direct traffic too!

After curating the articles, we’ll then get back to you so that you can review the quality as well as the anchor texts (we create a spreadsheet where we add all sites and articles for review). We do not over-optimize or under-optimize the anchor texts for best performance, but we use variations that may include your brand name as well as other text variations.

After the final approval, we go ahead and engage the webmasters and get the links published. We will then send you a full report that shows every guest post we created for your campaign. This will make it easy for you to review the project, and even share our work with others.

As you can see above, our service is 100% transparent, and you will get 100% control over everything we’ll do!

Over the years, this link building process has proven successful not just for our clients, but for the webmasters we engage as well.

Here’s an example of how webmasters get back to us asking for more articles just because our previous contributions were top-notch.

Apart from that, there’s one more thing that I’m really proud of – I have the best team of writers and outreach managers!

Meet our Team

Building a perfect team was one of the biggest tasks for me, and after years of working with various writers and outreach managers, I finally found my dream team.

Mohammad Abid

Mohammad Abid





Mohammad Adnan





Joel Timothy

Joel Timothy



William Elcock

William Elcock



Lashay J. Lewis



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